June 18, 2000
Joe Henry Murder of Crows Joe Henry
Murder of Crows

A wreck out on the highway
was what woke me from my sleep
was I wrong and is it just my turn to wonder why
I could stumble as I've stumbled
set it down in stone
may not seem to you any stronger
nor would I
just to stand beside you
like I think I was just dreaming
but I keep it in my mind
because I'm tired of not believing.

I've listened to your fathers
tell their stories from the other war
with eyes full of the love
that only they could know
standing around the fire and
looking off for years
sending memory and laughter
up with the smoke
just to stand beside you
and watch into the flame
lets sigh the same as they do
remembering every name
the winds voice sounds a warning tonight
chasing through the trees
here come the first of them
that might finally bring some word
it finds us one day older and down along the hill
farther on but no closer to the call we heard
just to stand beside you
I would as easy lose them first
go our way and keep us alone
and one more minute from the truth
(repeat first verse)
Posted by schampeo at June 18, 2000 03:00 AM