June 25, 2002
Network Solutions should die. Just yesterday, we heard of yet another domain hijacking (this time, ditherati.com), making three domains from two people I know in the past few weeks. Sadly, it seems that Dotster is also vulnerable, and even other registrars seem largely ignorant of the risks. Time for ICANN to wake up, fix the problems, or move out of the way.
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June 24, 2002
Great. I get up this morning to find out that some asshole in Russia is sending unsolicited bulk email purporting to be from jaundicedeye.com and/or hesketh.com, to aol.com accounts, hawking their excellent home loan refinancing programs. Joe jobs are so much fun. Suffice it to say - it isn't me, so please go harrass Klimova, Maria, at +7 095 334-05-18 instead.
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I unsubscribed from WebDesign-L today, to take a month-long hiatus. I've been running the list for over five years, and lately the hassles have outweighed the rewards. I may be back; I may not. We'll see how things go. I just need a break, so I'm taking it.
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June 19, 2002
Just a reminder to read this article in Reason with Larry Lessig.
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June 13, 2002
The new site for The Web Standards Project launched on Tuesday, and I've been so busy I completely forgot to mention it here.
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June 07, 2002
The Cascading Style Sheets book I wrote a couple of chapters for seems to be making somebody happy: it just got a five star review at Amazon :)
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